Consulting Now

Management Cycle® of Consulting Now

Management Cycle Training provides us with the fundamental concepts of effective management, ensuring that it covers the necessary steps involved in the process. From a broad perspective, it works deeply on the Strategic Thinking, the Creative Process and Systemic Thinking skills, reviewing the Decision Making process, Time Management, Value Chain and Performance Management.

Management Cycle involves a Discovery phase and Design, followed by a phase of Planning and Execution, to finally get to the measure phase , to be able to delineate and lead daily management. Focusing on each Culture we promote the performance and development of individuals, aiming to achieve the results in an agile and efficient way.

Service Leadership® of Consulting Now

The Service Leadership proposes to optimize relational and foundational skills for best results. It involves a process of continuous learning and the need to be open-minded and committed. The transition to this type of leadership encourages exercise for a new positioning, developing a leader: visionary, server and facilitator.

Building Trust in the Workplace® of Creating We Institute

Through research and current developments, we know for sure the needs that govern our actions, how our different brains react to the interactions we maintain daily from various roles and positions.

In this sense, we aim to find possible ways to build trust, work "the arc of engagement", the ladder of inferences and how to generate alignment towards a shared vision.

Organizational Culture DNA of Leadership® of Creating We Institute

The DNA assessment is a one of a kind tool for identifying your culture´s success profile. In identifying and understanding the DNA of Leadership, there are seven dimensions and 49 behaviors involved, in order to measure the essential characteristics of Organizational Culture, which reveals the genetic code of interaction to shape the quality of the culture and access the next level.

Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) of Creating We Institute

With Conversational Intelligence™ leaders and employees will be able to “architect conversations” to create higher levels of trust, accountability, and improved business results.

With CI As a platform, organizations learn not only to adapt to change – they also learn to lead change!

Our pioneering approach is a multi-learning platform including: executive briefings, classroom learning, online web based modules, learning summits, team challenges and executive coaching.