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Cross View 360° & 540°

It's a development tool that provides performance feedback, identifying strong aspects and development opportunities. Is an anonymous and confidential process that provides us the perceptions of the people we interact with on a daily basis: Bosses, direct reports, peers and others.

Cross ViewIt measures the critical skills within a competency model, demonstrating what each person needs to grow and develop in a personal a professional level. It gathers and reflects enriching information about our behaviors, communication and attributes, is a wide view that contributes to reflect and reinforce self- awareness. It provides the bases to build the personal development plan and to prepare for the next steps.

The tool is flexible, and easy to adapt into different competency models, levels of leadership and languages.

The Profilor

It is a multi- rater 360 feedback tool used for development purposes. It collects feedback from a variety of sources (self, managers, peers, direct reports, internal customers and others) regarding an individual’s performance. Feedback reports provide practical, well-rounded insights into job performance, strengths, and development needs, as well as paint a comprehensive picture of the specific skills that an individual needs to develop to enhance performance. It also provides a basis for creating an individualized, actionable development plan.

Many of these models have norms that can be used as a comparison to external benchmarks. The PROFILOR can also be customized to reflect an organization’s terminology or to fit its competency model.

The Forté® i360 — Developmental, not Judgmental!

The Forté® i360 is used to develop competencies for all individuals in an organization. Here is what is special – use our 8‐competencies, or modify to fit your own needs. Completely customizable! Here is the secret of the Forté i360’s success; no one can participate in a Forté i360 until they have done their own Forté Profile and had Forté interaction reports with the person being rated. Only then do they understand how to best communicate with one another and can truly focus on helping build one another’s competencies.