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Coaching is a process of individual development that aims to self-knowledge and personal growth. It is a space where the potential and skills are brought together to facilitate deployment that holds individuality.

It is intended as a development tool to capitalize on the necessary skills and achieve an efficient performance in the current position and give an effective response to new work challenges.

As a part of a personalized and confidential process that emphasizes on continuous learning, it translates concepts into specific skills through a coach who accompanies and leads.

Coaching allows...

  • Knowing proper ways to use the skills to enhance professional management.
  • Having the opportunity to put them in practice within a context of guidance and support, and perfect them.
  • Finally, promote a proper transference daily.

What is it for

Considering the strengths, development areas, goals and motivations, we work on the design of the program. We agree on a path that consolidates the commitment and responsibility necessary to facilitate personal growth and professional development. We work focusing on priorities and in the work reality to promote a career path towards the next level.

The coaching services

  • Executive Coaching
    Designed for Senior Executives and leaders, and aligned to the culture of every organization that requires it.
  • Personalized Coaching
    Emerges of individual demand to guide personal development.

Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) of Creating We Institute

With Conversational Intelligence™ leaders and employees will be able to “architect conversations” to create higher levels of trust, accountability, and improved business results.

With CI As a platform, organizations learn not only to adapt to change – they also learn to lead change!

Our pioneering approach is a multi-learning platform including: executive briefings, classroom learning, online web based modules, learning summits, team challenges and executive coaching.