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  • ExperiencePoint

    ExperiencePoint is an award winning training company that develops business simulations and interactive trainings for Leadership Degvelopment in the areas of Change Management and Innovation.

    It is a worldwide Company based in Toronto-Canada, honed with the celebrated innovation consultancy IDEO, provides people with the tools and techniques to think differently, see new opportunities and create innovative solutions with impact.

  • Creating We

    In association with Judith Glaser and the "Creating WE" institute in New York , we provide a new leadership approach based on identifying, understanding and intervening in the organization’s culture. The keys to success lays in promoting change from a new perspective, a perspective that gives us insight into how change is much more a process “WE” do together than one that “I” do alone. When leaders understand how to honor and respect a “WE centric” approach in response to change, they will become champions of a new level of leadership that enables greater success.

    Working on getting to know the DNA of Leadership, allows us to indentify the cultural success profile and gives us the opportunity to promote the transformations towards a new way of thinking. Understand and mold the route toward the leadership development, building the capacity of guiding and executing actions and strategies for success, learning how to communicate, differentiate and innovate. It is important to identify the impact of how vital conversations are essential for building a healthy thriving organization. Conversational Intelligence gives us the power to express our inner thoughts and feelings, and the way to exchange our view of the world.

    The tools and interventions are a combination of diagrams, practices and processes that help the teams create a shared vision and commitment, to generate a positive impact, delineate and reinforce the cultural identity, building a new leadership language.

  • e-valuation

    A company focused on providing innovative solutions for assessing, managing and developing talent through virtual tools of proven efficiency.

    The understanding of the multiple demands and challenges that require the current business context and the ability to develop a technological environment; is that we ensure quality in the results and a high level of customization and optimization of resources.